Soul-Based Healing, Art, and Education


Receive healing work to help you access your inner resources: love, soul-knowledge, and personal freedom.


Learn how to live in alignment with your life dreams and access wisdom and true power with our transformational classes.


Receive inspiration and support through the power of community ceremony.

Up-Coming Events:

A Gathering of Spirits 

Free online oracular messages and sound transmissions for the renewal of Spirit

These times can be challenging for those who hold visions of progress in the face of what appears to be the opposite. It is important for communities of vision-holders to come together for support, to help each other remember who we are, what we stand for, and why we are here. To this end I will be offering free online sound transmissions and oracular messages for those who would like assistance in tuning in to soul and spirit for support and re-charging.

Live sessions will be from 7:00pm – 8:00pm PST, every two weeks, on Wednesday or Thursday nights.  As an online class system will be used, live participation will require creating a simple sign-in account which will provide access to all future sessions. See the Calendar page for dates.

Recordings from prior sessions are linked to below (click on the blue text). While recordings are being provided, live participation is encouraged.

To start the sign-up process for live participation fill out the form below. You will be sent a follow-up e-mail with further instructions: