Ancestral Healing, Community Ritual, Mentoring, and Norse Mystery Practices

Grand oak in Urvaste, Estonia

Create a Strong Foundation with Ancestral Lineage Repair

Ancestral lineage repair is a potent process of healing and vitalization for our ancestral lineages, and by extension ourselves. It draws on the power of the healthy ancestors to do the work of lineage repair so that we can receive the blessings and gifts of our lineages and meet our challenges with resiliency.

The lineage repair process will get you in touch with your own helpful ancestors who can offer guidance to you directly. I also offer the service of giving voice to your wise and benevolent ancestors and spirit allies through oracular mediumship.

I will be offering the version of ancestral lineage repair developed by Daniel Foor starting in March 2018. For those who wish to get started sooner see Daniel Foor’s website and book, or contact me for other forms of ancestral healing work including ancestral oracular mediumship.

Then Explore Norse Mystery Practices with the Guidance of Your Wise and Well Ancestors

Learn about magical and healing practices developed from Northern European traditions of seers, oracles, and healers. In particular I offer training in the Norse/Germanic practices of seiðr, as well as community development for those who wish to support seiðr communities in their area.

All spirit work is done with the intention of maintaining and developing full personal sovereignty and accountability. Getting well with your ancestors, whether they are Northern European or not, is the foundation for starting this kind of spiritual practice.

This work is open to people of all backgrounds. Some people will be called through ancestry, some through soul-affinity. This is an inclusive and diverse community.

And Develop Your Unique Gifts with Mentoring

Mentoring sessions are available for those who would like to develop their spiritual and creative gifts with support and guidance.

The first step in the mentoring process is doing your ancestral lineage repair. The guidance of your well ancestors will direct this  process so that it is tailored specifically for you.

With regard to spirit, I work only with people who wish to maintain sovereignty (meaning you are not surrendering your free will to another being) and work within the framework of alignment with the highest good.

Up-Coming Events:

Language, Myth, and Magic in Medieval Norse and Early Germanic Sources

A five-class on-line course.

Introduction to Old Norse Language: Pronunciation and Basic Features of Grammar
March 18th
11:00am – 12:15 PST

The Old Norse Myths: Sources, Modern Commentary, and Issues of Translation
March 25th
11:00am – 12:15 PST

Oracles, Dreams, and the Prophetic Dead in Early Germanic and Medieval Norse Sources
April 15th
11:00 – Noon PST

Seiðr: Past and Present
April 22nd
11:00am – 12:15 PST

Galðr, Runes, and Other Forms of Old Norse Magic
April 29th
11:00 – Noon PST