Soul Doctoring and Soul-Vitalizing Education


Soul health is the foundation of mental, physical, and emotional health. It is the rock on which we stand. When we are healthy at a soul level we experience vitality, creativity, a natural sense of belonging and purpose, connection, and overall well-being. When we are not healthy at a soul level we can experience depression, anxiety, poor health, a sense of meaningless, isolation, and a general lack of well-being.

Many of the problems we are facing can be attributed to a decline in the presence of soulfulness in the world and to cultural practices that detract from rather than nourish soul health. Reclaiming soul health is a radical move that can transform your life.

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The root of the word “education” is the Latin educare, which means “to lead out”. In this sense, education is not so much about putting information in, but rather drawing out what is already there. The Golden Lyre classes are based on the principle that at the core of each individual is a guiding and vitalizing force; and the overall goal is for each person to tap into their own soul-nature in a way that serves them through life.

What I bring to classes is a strong spirit container that invites only the most compassionate aspects of Spirit, requires good inter-personal boundaries within a group setting, and provides foundational training that supports each individual on their own spiritual path. All spiritual development is concurrent with developing personal integrity and right-relationship with self and others.

The next series of classes are in-development, but personal mentoring is available.

Engage in Community

It’s not as bad as you think. Maybe the idea of community makes you want to find a nice cave in the woods to live in instead? Communities always present some elements of challenge, especially for those who have experienced wounding around community (two words: middle school). But communities can be extraordinarily healing and supportive when they come from a place of mutual empowerment and integrity.

For my community events I require good inter-personal and time boundaries which I define at the beginning of each event. The essence of the boundaries is that we’re there to bear witness in community and not get in each other’s biz. See my blog on the power of community for more on this topic.

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