“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

                                                                                           -Harold Thurman Whitman 


I offer the blessings and power of shamanistic healing practices and spirit-based teachings to those who wish to optimize their experience of life.  This work clears blocks, restores and strengthens your core energy, and helps you access your inherent resourcefulness so that you can fully express your life-dream and live from a place of abiding joy and fulfillment.  It brings out the strength, beauty, creativity, and wisdom that is a natural part of who you are.

To begin or continue your journey I offer three areas of opportunity: healing sessions, transformational classes and mentoring, and community ceremonies. 

Healing Sessions clear the obstacles to a vibrant life experience and tap into the inherent resourcefulness of your soulful nature.  These sessions set the stage for other forms of healing work, like counseling and various forms of bodywork, to be more effective and expedient.  This is not about fixing yourself.  It is about honoring the part of you that knows the difference between what you are experiencing and what you can experience. 

Please visit the Healing Work and Contact and Scheduling pages for more information.

Transformational Classes and Mentoring are opportunities for you to learn and develop take-home skills and ways of connecting to soul and spirit that will provide you with life-long support in all realms of your life.  Learn how to be your own guide and guru. 

Please visit the Sacred Ways of Women and Spiritual Mentoring pages for more information.

Community Ceremony:  Monthly High Seats are opportunities to receive blessings, healing, and guidance in a community-supported setting.  They are organized through the Seattle Seiðr organization co-founded by myself and Mykol Radziszewski. 

Please visit the Seattle Seiðr page for more information.