Ancestral Healing and Norse Mystery Traditions

Ancestral Lineage Repair & Oracular Mediumship

Everyone has healthy and supportive ancestors. Our ancestry can be a source of gifts and resources that help us navigate through life with purpose. But due to cultural ideologies having to do with the continuation of consciousness after death, many of us also have a backlog of deceased relatives that have not yet become well in spirit and are potentially detracting from, rather than contributing to, our quality of life.

Ancestral lineage repair is a potent process of healing and vitalization for our ancestral lineages, and by extension ourselves. It draws on the power of the healthy ancestors to do the work of lineage repair so that we can receive the blessings and gifts of our lineages and meet our challenges with resiliency.

The lineage repair process will get you in touch with your own helpful ancestors who can offer guidance to you directly. I also offer the service of giving voice to your wise and benevolent ancestors and spirit allies through oracular mediumship.

I will be offering the version of ancestral lineage repair developed by Daniel Foor starting in March 2018. For those who wish to get started sooner see Daniel Foor’s website and book, or contact me for other forms of ancestral healing work including ancestral oracular mediumship.

On-line scheduling available.

Norse Mystery Traditions

Learn about magical and healing practices developed from Northern-European traditions of seers, oracles, and healers. In particular I offer training in the Norse/Germanic practices of seiðr and galðr.

Seiðr is a practice of oracular mediumship in relationship to the world tree and the compassionate tutelary divinities associated with seiðr: Oðinn, Freya, Hella, and the Norns.

Galðr is the practice of singing magic into the world.

All spirit work is done with the intention of maintaining and developing full personal sovereignty and accountability.

See Seiðr Training and Resources for more information.

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