Would you like to go on a journey…

From depression to vitality
From anxiety to peace
From anger to open-heartedness

From self-suppression to self-expression 
From getting by to thriving and enjoying life? 

Sometimes it’s not even clear what the journey will be, we just know we need to take one. 

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

-Harold Thurman Whitman 

When I was in my twenties, I realized the life I was living could not be “it” for me.  I had been depressed for many years, and I struggled to find my place in the world.  But a part of me knew it could get better, that I could have a great life.  I didn’t know how or what it would take.  I just knew I had to try, and keep trying, until my experience of life reflected what I knew was possible in my heart.  I needed to “come alive.”  And I did.  What it took was a long-term commitment to healing and the development of a spiritual relationship to the world.  The result for me is that now I am living a life that I love, and I am living life with a deep sense of purpose.  

It wasn’t an easy journey a lot of the time, but the challenges that deep transformational work can present were, to me, beyond worth it.  These were the challenges of adjusting my ways of perceiving, being, and acting to be in alignment with my core self.  I had to let go of old habits of being and false security systems (I like this saying: “A false sense of security is the only kind there is.”).  I had to get out of my own way.  What was on the other side? The ability to live authentically and lovingly, and constantly deepening in my learning of what that means.  The ability to experience a healthy and full range of emotions.  The ability to access peace and joy even in times of pain.  The ability to not take myself so seriously.  I am grateful for my journey.      

My personal experience inspired me to leave a career path of research education and become a spiritual healer and teacher. The purpose of my practice is: to assist you on your journey to a life you love,  to provide healing facilitation as you free yourself from constraints that inhibit your experiences of life’s fullness, and to help you come home to yourself and create a life true to the calling of your soul. The healing and educational tools I offer are designed to help you get out of stuck emotional and perceptual patterns and access your own inner compass, the part of you that serves as an internal guide toward creating a life you love. 

You want to begin or continue your healing journey.  Where do you start?

Healing Sessions: these are opportunities for the clearing of obstacles to you having a vibrant life.  This work is especially potent in three areas:
1.  The resolution of chronic emotional states such as depression, anxiety, or chronic anger. Some forms of chronic illness and pain can also respond to this work. 
2.  The resolution of ancestral/familial dysfunctional patterns including substance abuse.
3.  The resolution of self-generated dysfunctional patterns–those areas of life that keep repeating the same story.
Healing sessions can also help elucidate your soul’s purpose and path. 

What do clients get out of sessions?
  Relief from chronic limiting conditions, a greater connection to themselves and life, freedom to experience life with greater clarity and vitality, the ability to experience healthy and context-specific emotional states, and a life of expanded possibility. 

Find more information on the Healing Work and Contact and Scheduling pages.

Classes:  these are opportunities for you to learn and develop take-home skills and ways of connecting to soul and spirit that will provide you with life-long support in all realms of your life.  Learn how to be your own guide and guru.  The next class offering is called The Sacred Ways of Women and starts in January or February.  This is bound to be a powerful journey to the beauty and grace of the sacred feminine within. 

Monthly High Seats: these are opportunities to receive blessings, healing, and guidance in a community-supported setting.  They are organized through the Seattle Seidr organization co-founded by myself and Mykol Radziszewski.  Please visit that page for more information.