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Maris Orelia Hale (aka Melissa Rosenberger) is an animist spirit-healer. Animism is the experience of a multi-dimensional world in which all living things are consciously connected and can inter-communicate. 

As an undergraduate and graduate student Maris studied neurobiology, and was planning on becoming a college professor before life took a left turn and she became a healer and teacher instead. Maris has been in healing practice since 2005 with a focus on soul health and vitality (see below for more information on soul-healing). As she has also undergone years of her own healing process, most notably resolving fifteen years of depression, she is intimately familiar with what it takes to go through a long-term soul healing process.

In 2013 Maris co-founded Seattle Seiðr – an organization that offers training and public ceremony in Seiðr, a spirit practice indigenous to Northern Europe. After recently moving to Oregon, Maris is starting a new Seiðr organization called Hjarta and is focusing on seeding Seiðr communities in locations that can support Seiðr ritual.

Maris self-published a book of short stories called In the Beginning, and a book of poetry called A Song to Help Me Rise. She is also a musician and singer.

Formal Education & Training

Oberlin College (1996), BA with High Honors in Neuroscience.

University of Washington (2001), MS Neurobiology and Behavior. Research in acoustic neurophysiology and evolutionary biology. Two publications in the Journal of comparative Neuroanatomy.

Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (2005), MAcOM. Orelia is a licensed East Asian Medicine Practitioner in the State of Washington.

Since 2004, training in vocal technique, soul-healing practices, mediumship, sound healing, compassionate depossession, and curse unraveling. Much gratitude to my teachers Betsy Bergstrom, Tom Kenyon, Michael Meade, Sarah Bicknell, Awilda Verdejo.

Maris is currently in training with Daniel Foor to be an Ancestral Medicine practitioner.

About Soul-Healing

Soul-healing is based on the cosmology that every person comes into the world not as a blank slate but as a soul already rich in experience. Each life is set up to experience a unique and perfect set of gifts and challenges. And each soul has a natural wisdom that guides them to their version of a meaningful life. When the path of the soul is supported, we thrive even in the midst of adversity. When the path of the soul is not supported, we can experience many of our modern-day issues of stress, anxiety, depression, nihilism, lack of purpose, and unsustainability.

Soul-level healing reconnects you to your greatest ally in life – you. It helps you create a meaningful and fulfilling life by accessing your unique gifts and soul-wisdom, and by removing unnecessary obstacles. Soul-healing also contributes to the health of your communities and the Earth’s ecosystem, because soul-connected people naturally understand interdependence and support the health and well-being of others.

The components of soul-healing include: soul retrieval and other core-strengthening techniques, energy body clearing, heart-healing, soul-history healing which includes the concept of “past lives” and physical ancestral healing, and learning how to receive your inner wisdom and guidance. It also includes harmonization between your inner and outer lives, and freedom from the cultural spells that are not helpful and authentic to you.