Flower Honeycomb Logo Bigger TextThe Sacred Ways of Women is an exploration of the gifts and richness of the divine feminine principle and its unique expression in every woman.  I developed these courses out of a deep desire to provide paths of access to the divine feminine to women who want to access their full feminine power, who want to experience the nourishment and self-assurance the divine feminine can provide but may not know how to fully access it, and who want to simply love being a woman.

This class is for women who want to connect to and appreciate the feminine qualities of connection, mystery, intuition, and cyclical growth, live from a place of feminine power, and experience how the masculine and feminine can mutually support and empower each other.

The Sacred Ways of Women is also for women who want to contribute to a cultural shift in how the feminine is viewed and treated in families, communities, and the culture at-large.  Components of these courses will include freeing ourselves from the cultural spells that diminish the feminine, and creating a new paradigm in which the feminine in every woman is free to exist in full beauty, strength, and expression.

Along the way we will work with some divine allies like Isis, Freya, Tara, Mary, and the Mother Earth; divine feminine beings who will support you and your journey, and bless us with their wisdom and presence.

Reconnect to the sacred ways women have walked over the centuries: the pathways to love, true power, and enduring joy.  Celebrate the richness of womanhood!

Future Dates/Offerings:  Stay connected for future offerings and the possibility of an on-line course.

Use the slider function below to read about each of the six archetypal roles covered in this class series. 


Yeshe-Tsogyal-1-Samye_lzn_wThe Path of Self-Discipleship

Further develop awareness of your energy body and techniques for guiding energy with intention.  Explore methods of conscious embodiment of energy fields and resonance with different frequencies of energies.  Invoke the memory of lineages from Tibet and India and connect to the mystical feminine of these traditions.  Connect to figures such as Shakti, Yeshe Tsogyal, Tara, and the Dakinis.


sophiaThe Path of Divine Love and Union

Explore the powers of prayer, gnosis, and surrender.  Access divine love as both a felt sense and a state of being in the world.  As the Christian mythos is so prevalent in our culture we will focus on that tradition, though we will work with mystical practices relevant to mystical traditions in general.  Learn about the mystical lineages of Christianity including gnosticism and the Marian mysteries.  We will re-myth the Christian story with its ancient roots and underlying mystical connection with the ancient goddess traditions, and unravel internalized cultural constructs based on the distortion of this lineage.  Invoke the memories of the gnostic lineages and connect with mystical feminine from this tradition including Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, Sophia, Lilith, and Eve.


Collier-priestess_of_DelphiThe Path of Extra-Sensory Perception and Right-Speech

Explore the use of the clair-senses for divinatory purposes.  Develop the use of techniques to enter deeply receptive states of consciousness.  Invoke the memory of oracular lineages and connect to figures such as the Delphic Oracle and the Melissae.


isisThe Path of Sacred Embodiment

Explore intuition, the creation of sacred space, the use of altars.  Begin exploration of the energy body, boundaries, and spiritual containment systems.  Begin or deepen relationship to spirit guides.  Learn about the use of the imaginal interface between Spirit and consciousness.  Invoke the memory of the ancient priestess lineages of Sumer, Egypt, and Greece and connect to the mystical feminine of these traditions.  Connect to figures such as Isis, Inanna, and Hera.


triple-goddess-maxine-miller-fiThe Path of Wysdom

Explore your relationship with plant and animal allies.  Learn about the use of herbs from a spiritual relationship.  Learn about the Web of Wyrd.  Learn about the use of the rattle for journeying and other ways mystical women connect to the Earth and elements.  Invoke the memories of the Wyse-Woman in her many roles across cultures.  Connect with plant and animal spirits, Green Woman, elementals, and Mother Earth.


seer-wild-wood-croppedThe Path of Integration

Despite portrayals from popular culture, the remnants of Old Norse/Germanic mythology indicate a cosmology of balance between masculine and feminine elements.  In this system, the feminine represents the primal forces of the cosmos, the power of fate, the soul, and the unknown and mysterious aspects of existence.  The masculine represents consciousness, structure, spirit, and the known world.  Learn mediumship* techniques and the Seiðr journey process to bring healing to the feminine and masculine nature within.  Visit the Tree of Life and initiate a medicine staff.  Visit the tutelary allies of Seiðr: Freya and Óðinn.

*Note: “mediumship” does not mean speaking to deceased spirits, it is a way of accessing transpersonal energy fields and being mediums for those energies.

What will we be doing exactly?

In these courses we will connect to the mystical aspects of the feminine by exploring historic roles of women of spirit and by learning how to deepen our relationship to the divine feminine through the development of intuitive perception, connection to natural cycles, connection to the feminine ancestral and soul memory lines, and the direct experience of the most compassionate energy of the divine feminine.

We will explore the historic roles of women as priestesses, mystics, yoginis, völvas, oracles, and wyse-women.  Part of that exploration will include the re-framing of ancient stories of the divine feminine that were altered from their original sources through the patriarchal lens.  This re-framing will help to transform the internalized mythologies that inform our psyche about the feminine nature.

Participants in these classes will learn or deepen in their understanding of intuitive work and mystical connection through the shamanic journey process, intuitive practices, and conscious embodiment practices.  These practices will give participants the tools to continue the exploration of the divine feminine and historic lineages not covered in this class on their own.  Classes will have informational, experiential, and transformational components.

As the masculine and feminine are always a dynamic that exist together, we will be approaching the work from an integrative perspective.  Classes will have linear, informational, and structural components that support the flow of the feminine and hold space for the feminine to unfold in its fullness.

Recommended Texts:

Books available through my Books & Music page.

Historic Interest: The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image by Jules Cashford and Anne Baring
Mystic: Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening and The Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault
Yogini: The Lover Within by Julie Henderson

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What I got out of SWoW: “Deep transformation. A spiritual tool belt stocked with practices and experiences for accessing alignment with my own inner nature and a truer understanding of what it means to live an intentional life.”

SWoW Participant 2015

What I got out of SWoW: “A profound level of nurturance and compassion from the sacred feminine while I moved through many areas of my life I don’t believe I would have otherwise had the courage to confront and move beyond.”

SWoW Participant 2015

What I got out of SWoW: “A re-wilding of my soul and feminine nature that was gently encouraged and catalyzed through the sacred feminine container.”

SWoW Participant 2015

What I got out of SWoW: “. . . a new found community, which I was so thirsty for! I have found a beautiful community composed of individuals who hold space and witness transformational and healing work that is done in a safe and conscious manner. The members and teacher of this SWoW session were incredibly supportive and all in all terrific connections were made that I will never forget.”

SWoW Participant 2015