*I am only doing remote sessions at this time. The work is the same whether done remotely or in-person.*

Remote sessions are done via Zoom. Please download Zoom before our scheduled meeting time. I will send you a link via e-mail the day before your appointment that connects you to the session.

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Contact: livingvoicemedicine at gmail.com (in standard format)

New Clients: Please submit a New Client Questionnaire prior to scheduling.

Ancestral Lineage Healing: This is a multi-session process. Not all sessions need to be with a practitioner; once clients are familiar with the process they can do their own sessions at home and use facilitation as needed. The first two or three sessions typically cover doing an assessment of your lineages, choosing which one to start with, establishing a connection with your well lineage guide on that line, and starting the healing process.

First session is 90-minutes. Subsequent sessions are 60-90 minutes. The first two sessions are bundled at a discount and paid before the first appointment.

I am doing additional certification in this method. My next 40 hours of work will be a part of this certification process.

Rates: First two sessions: $185 (2.5 hours total). Subsequent sessions $85/1 hour or $130/1.5 hours

I want to make this work accessible to broad demographics. If you want to do this work and will have difficulty paying these rates due to financial hardship contact me about the possibility of negotiating lower rates.

If you want to do the work but I am not the demographic you want to work with, contact me and I can possibly refer you to colleagues who are a better match.

Oracular Mediumship: Receive guidance on heart-felt concerns and circumstances from your supporting ancestors and spirit allies. 60-minutes only.

Rates: $150/1 hour

Consultation Only: If you would like to have a talk about these methods as they may apply to your specific experiences I offer 30-minute consultations in which I answer questions and offer my recommendations for your healing process. I also offer recommendation for referrals based on 16+ years of experience with a variety of healing modalities. Please fill out the New Client Questionnaire in advance of your appointment so we can spend the time in discussion.

Rate: $50/half-hour (paid at time of scheduling)

Mentorship: I offer mentorship for those who would like personalized support in the development of intuitive, oracular, mediumship skills, and voice. Those interested in mentorship will be asked to submit a proposal that outlines their intentions and commitment. Mentorship is done concurrent with ancestral lineage repair, allowing your guiding ancestors customize the work to fit your unique expression in the world.

Rate: $100/hour

Submit a Mentoring Proposal