*I am now located in south-central Oregon and will only be doing remote sessions for a time.*

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Contact: livingvoicemedicine at gmail.com (in standard format)

Healing Work

Healing Session: can include sound healing, curse and thought-form unraveling, ancestral healing, energy body clearing, soul retrieval, spirit release, and spirit guidance. Clients bring their intentions for healing, and I base what methods are used on spirit guidance in-session.

Formal Soul Retrievals: These are healing intensives and usually take 2 – 4 hours. As the work done in a formal soul retrieval takes at least a year to integrate, they are only done once a year. Clients have a support person present. When possible I will also have a drummer. These are not scheduled on-line. E-mail Maris if you feel called to this option. Flat rate: $375

Oracular Reading: receive guidance on heart-felt concerns and circumstances. These are not future predictions but rather a look at the energetic dynamics of the inquiry and possible outcomes. Can include relevant healing work around the subject in question. 60-minutes only.

Remote work is done via Skype or Zoom.

Rates: $125/1 hour, $165/90 minutes, and $225/2 hours.

To schedule a session please use the on-line scheduling system.

Mentoring: Developing Personal Mastery

Mentoring sessions are for those who wish to develop their own spiritual practice or life skill. Topics can include but are not limited to: intuition, spirit connection and boundaries, psychic immunity, practice development, musical/vocal expression. Clients engaged in mentoring are expected to do soulwork between sessions, and to commit to nine sessions done at least once a month. Sessions are 60-minutes. You can e-mail if you have a question about a mentoring topic.

To schedule a session please use the on-line scheduling system.

House/Land Blessings and Clearings

Can be done on-site (Southern Oregon) or remotely. Rate varies depending on size of property and extent of work to be done, starting at a $375 flat rate for up to five hours which is usually sufficient for an average property. Time exceeding the five hour mark is charged at a rate of $50/hour. Because some work is done remotely before an on-site visit, on-site clients pay an initial non-refundable deposit of $100 at the time of scheduling, with the remainder due on the on-site appointment date.

To schedule a house/land blessing please send an e-mail with details.