*I am now located in south-central Oregon and will only be doing remote sessions for a time.*

Remote work is done via Skype or Zoom. (Phone option available soon.)

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Contact: livingvoicemedicine at gmail.com (in standard format)

Ancestral Lineage Repair: This is a multi-session process. For a frame of reference – someone who has an average amount of trouble in their lineages could expect to take about a year with weekly repair sessions. Not all sessions need to be with a practitioner; once clients are familiar with the process they can do their own sessions at home and use facilitation as needed. *I will be offering sessions based on Daniel Foor’s methods starting March 2018. In the meantime I offer other forms of ancestral healing and guidance.

First session is 90-minutes. Subsequent sessions are 60-90 minutes.

Rates: $85/1 hour, $140/1.5 hours

Ancestral Oracular Mediumship: receive guidance on heart-felt concerns and circumstances from your supporting ancestors and spirit allies. 60-minutes only.

Rates: $150/1 hour

Consultation Only: If you would like to have a talk about these methods as they may apply to your specific experiences I offer 30-minute consultations in which I answer questions and offer my recommendations for your healing process.

Rate: $50/half-hour

To schedule a session please use the on-line scheduling system.