Ancestral Lineage Repair

It’s no mistake that our ancestry is called our ‘roots’. Ancestral lines are a major source of input in our life experiences. When healthy, ancestral lines are a natural ‘root system’ that supplies us with support and nourishment. The well ancestors bless our lives and help us live according to our life purpose. When unhealthy, they can destabilize us and cause systemic issues. These systemic issues can show up in a variety of ways including persistent dysfunctional life patterns, illness, addiction, and poor psychoemotional health.

For some, the prospect of taking on ancestral lineage healing may seem like a daunting task, so it’s important to note some features of this particular process:

1. The establishment of healthy boundaries with the ancestors is the first step. This step is reinforced throughout the process. 

2. Everyone has healthy, vibrant, and helpful ancestors, and it is these ancestors who do the work. It is not the job of the client to fix their lineages. The job of the client is to show up, ask for the work to be done, witness some of the healing that takes place, and commit to having an on-going mutually-beneficial relationship with the well ancestors.

The lineage repair process I will be facilitating was developed by Daniel Foor. In March 2018 I will be certified in this process and offering it to clients. In the meantime I can do alternate forms of ancestral healing and help you prepare to begin the process. For more on his work visit his website: or read his book Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing.