Our houses, business, and the land those structures are on have history, memory, and other occupants including nature spirits, all of which can impact the experience of living there for better or worse.

The memory of a place, when problematic, can cause a recurrence of the past events. For example if a house has a history of frequent, emotional arguments, the current occupants may find themselves fighting more than usual. If prior occupants where depressed, current occupants may feel like the energy of the house is heavy and depressive. If many businesses have failed in a given location, it may be harder to generate a successful business in that location.

The building of structures on land without regard to preserving the harmony of the landscape can lead to disruptions in the natural order of the area. This can lead to infrastructure and maintenance issues over time, and possibly cause disruptions in the local spirit population.

A place can also have a population of spirits that don’t naturally belong there, and in some cases the presence of those spirits can be disruptive.

Some issues that can be helped with a blessing, when they are location-specific, include: poor business performance, insomnia, depression, clutter, childrens’ discomfort with the space, and spirit disruptions.

House and land blessings serve to help reestablish harmony between the human world and the natural/spirit world so that the two can co-exist in mutually beneficial ways. Blessings also clear the memory from prior occupants and events, and help relocate spirits whose natural homes may be elsewhere.

A house and land blessing not only serves to clear the property but also invites spirit to bless, heal, and support the property and its occupants.

Blessings can be done on-site or remotely.