Mentoring sessions are available for those who would like to develop their spiritual and creative gifts with support and guidance.

The first step in the mentoring process is doing your ancestral lineage healing. No one knows you as well as your ancestors. They will provide insights as to what your specific gifts are and how to go about realizing them in a way that is tailored entirely to you. That process also provides boundaries and a safer working environment especially for those who wish to pursue intuitive or spirit-based practices.

My role is to hold space, provide guidance when needed, and help you access your ancestors and (if you’re interested) the spirit realities with tools to keep you safe and sovereign.

With regard to spirit, I work only with people who wish to maintain sovereignty (meaning you are not surrendering your free will to another being) and work within the framework of alignment with the highest good.

For people doing mentoring with me, I sometimes extend available services to include healing work. In particular spirit-clearing, energy system support, and soul retrieval.

If you are interested in mentorship, please fill out and send the Mentorship Proposal, and then schedule a 30-minute appointment at which time we will discuss your proposal.