Community ceremonies provide the support and power of collective intention.  The community provides a potent container for collective and personal transformation.  Some of the problems we face in our lives are interpersonal and may require an interpersonal medium for resolution.  For a discussion about the power of community, and why it benefits us to work within a community setting, read The Power of Community blog.

The Seattle Seiðr community is founded on the principles of self-sovereignty and responsibility within a heart-centered collective environment supported not only by the community itself but also by the most compassionate aspects of spirit.  Participation does not require any kind of belief system or spiritual affiliation, only a willingness to show up authentically and be open to experience.

The Seiðr High Seat

Seiðr is a Norse and Germanic shamanic and mystical tradition indigenous to the Norse and Germanic areas of Europe.  Seiðr is based on relationships with the Tree of Life and the most compassionate aspects of the tutelary beings of Seiðr: Freya, Óðinn, Hella, and the Norns.

Seattle Seiðr is a community of practitioners and participants interested in exploring this tradition and integrating the ancient wisdom of Seiðr practice with the modern world.  We provide monthly oracular and healing High Seat Ceremonies for the public, and initiation classes for those with training in shamanic work.

High Seats are powerful transmissions of the most compassionate and wise aspects of the spirits of the Seiðr tradition.  Participants can bring questions and personal challenges for guidance and transformation, ask for a blessing, or simply serve as an objective witness to the community.

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Testimonials from the 2015 Women of Wisdom Presentation and High Seat:

In response to what was the strengths of the workshop: “The knowledge, love, and caring of the presenter and the Völvas.”

AnonymousWomen of Wisdom High Seat Participant

“This was a tremendously moving experience.  These women are very skillful and powerful, and you should have them back.”

AnonymousWomen of Wisdom High Seat Participant

“Powerful work – an example of the magical oracular work that is re-emerging.”

AnonymousWomen of Wisdom High Seat Participant

“It was a sacred, magical, and powerful space.  I loved this!”

AnonymousWomen of Wisdom High Seat Participant

“I love getting this information.  I had no idea we have these traditions in my ancestry.  I’m so grateful for this knowledge and feel so enriched!  Thank you for your service!”

AnonymousWomen of Wisdom High Seat Participant

“Extremely well organized/crafted.”

AnonymousWomen of Wisdom High Seat Participant

“Wow – so powerful. Every woman should be here.”

AnonymousWomen of Wisdom High Seat Participant