Seiðr Training & Community Formation

Seiðr (typically pronounced sigh-the, or say-ther), is a Northern-European spiritual-shamanic practice that is being revitalized by modern shamanic communities.  Modern Seiðr practice is not a recreation of the past, but is rather a way to tap into the same forces that informed the past in order to bring medicine into the present-day world.

The vision of Hjarta is to provide training in the practice of Seiðr, bring healing and connection to the ancestral lineages associated with Seiðr, and to support the formation of Seiðr communities that in turn serve their local communities.

Shamanic practitioners who wish to become hubs of Seiðr practice for a community can sponsor initiation intensives for their communities, or can attend an initiation intensive through Hjarta or Seattle Seiðr. Please contact Maris for more information.

Those new to the path can attend the basic training class, or can find other means of acquiring training in shamanic practices and then take the initiation intensive. At least one year of shamanic training is required before taking a Seiðr Initiation Intensive. Please note that the Hjarta beginning class is currently on hiatus.

Seiðr Foundational Training

Spiritual Foundations and Personal Development Through Northern European Seiðr

Closed for 2015 – 2016, next start date TBD

Learn foundational tools of personal spiritual practice through Seiðr. This class will include core archetypal and cross-cultural elements, with an emphasis on the Norse/Germanic cosmology and mythology associated with Seiðr practice. Participants will develop connections to the most compassionate aspects of the Norns, Freya, Oðinn, Þorr, and Hella. Participants will learn how to travel to Yggdrasill, the Norse World Tree, and will learn how to work with staffs as extensions of the World Tree.  Relationships with spirits will be developed while maintaining full personal accountability and sovereignty.

This course includes exploration of the following:

  • Safety: protection, discernment, and boundaries
  • Intuitive perception and the clair-senses
  • Objective witnessing
  • Conscious mediumship*
  • Working with the energy body
  • Learning methods for altering states of consciousness
  • Self-care
  • Shamanic Journey methods: Seiðr singing and core shamanism drum method
  • Medicine tool creation and use including a Seiðr staff
  • The development of shamanic relationships to personal spirit allies and power animals
  • Practice integrity and ethics
  • Personal healing, self-tracking, and alignment
  • Heart-centered communication
  • The runes
  • Old Norse cosmology from a universal metaphysical perspective
  • Old Norse sources and mythology
  • Learning basic Old Norse pronunciation and key words and phrases.  We will not be learning the language, just aspects of pronunciation and some word meaning.
  • Galðr – the use of song/sound in spiritual practice

*Please note that mediumship in this context does not mean talking to the dead.  Mediumship is about embodying different qualities of consciousness.  One can, for example, be a medium for compassion.

This course serves as qualification for taking the Seiðr Initiation Intensive. Those who complete the initiation intensive can continue with personal practice or can serve the community as High Seat practitioners.  Participants also potentially qualify for shamanic healing training.

Required texts and supplies:

  • The Four-Fold Way by Angeles Arrien
  • The Seed of Yggdrasill by Maria Kvilhaug – This text is now selling at $90.  We will be using it extensively and the content is well worth the price.
  • A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic by Geir Zoega (optional)
  • Translations – PDF document files ($10 to go to translator, this will be managed in class)
  • A staff – details will be given in class
  • A soft-sounding rattle and a harder-sounding rattle – details will be given in class
  • A set of runes

Seiðr Initiation Intensive

2017 Dates TBA

Rate: $450.  Up to three scholarships are available for participants who need financial support.  Scholarship recipients will receive $200 from the community donation fund and will be responsible for the remaining $250.  In return it is recommended that scholarship recipients support 5-6 community High Seats within the next year.

Prerequisite:  At least one year of spiritual training and personal development, or its equivalent in experience, including proficiency with the shamanic journey method and spiritual protection practices.   Please contact us if you have any questions about eligibility.  For those with spiritual practices who are not familiar with the shamanic journey process a short preparatory series of mentoring sessions may suffice.

This is not a course for those new to spiritual-shamanic paths.  See the Seiðr Foundational Training for a beginning course.

Content: Participants are introduced to the cosmology and practice of Seiðr, an ancient shamanic-spiritual practice from the Germanic/Norse regions of Europe. Participants will take initiatory journeys to the Tree of Life, the Norns, the most compassionate forms of the Seiðr tutelary deities Freya, Hella, and Odin, and be initiated into High Seat practice. We will explore the use of the staff as a medicine ally for Seiðr work, song as a journey method, and how to apply Seiðr practice in service to the modern world.  Initiates will be able to incorporate Seiðr methods into existing spiritual and shamanic practices and will be able to serve as practitioners on community High Seats.

Seiðr Deepening Series

Dates TBD
Prerequisite: An initiation weekend with Seattle Seiðr, Betsy Bergstrom, or other qualified teacher.

In these series we use Seiðr methods such as the Seiðr mediumistic journey and the High Seat to further explore Seiðr cosmology and practice. The Deepening Series also provides opportunity for less experienced practitioners to practice Seiðr methods in a teaching setting. Examples of potential topics include: Ginnungagap – accessing the Cosmic Source, Vanaheim – exploring the magical realities, The Wells of Wisdom and Memory – accessing our Sources of wisdom and soul memory, Orlog – the threads of our past and the potential of our present, and various learning opportunities in the form of teaching High Seats with Freya, Odin, Hella, and the Norns.

Rate: $240 for six classes

Community High Seats

The High Seat is an oracular and healing spiritual-shamanic ceremony.  Practitioners are trained to be conscious mediums for only the most compassionate aspects of the Norse deities Oðinn, Freya, Hella, and the Norns.  Community members can come as Seekers and ask a question or receive a blessing.

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