Seiðr Initiation Intensive

2017 Dates TBA

Rate: $450 (rate increases for out-of-state trainings)

Prerequisite:  At least one year of spiritual training and personal development, or its equivalent in experience, including proficiency with the shamanic journey method and spiritual protection practices.   Please contact us if you have any questions about eligibility.  For those with spiritual practices who are not familiar with the shamanic journey process a short preparatory series of mentoring sessions may suffice.

This is not a course for those new to spiritual-shamanic paths.  See the Seiðr Foundational Training for a beginning course.

Content: Participants are introduced to the cosmology and practice of Seiðr, an ancient shamanic-spiritual practice from the Germanic/Norse regions of Europe. Participants will take initiatory journeys to the Tree of Life, the Norns, the most compassionate forms of the Seiðr tutelary deities Freya, Hella, and Odin, and be initiated into High Seat practice. We will explore the use of the staff as a medicine ally for Seiðr work, song as a journey method, and how to apply Seiðr practice in service to the modern world.  Initiates will be able to incorporate Seiðr methods into existing spiritual and shamanic practices and will be able to serve as practitioners on community High Seats.